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Political Affairs Officer
Post Level :    P-3  Closing Date :  1 January 2011 (-2700 days left)
Vacancy Ref :     E-ERD/GRB/PAO/F0155/P-3/40/07-10
Branch :     Political Affairs and Protocol Branch
Division :    External Relations Division
Date :    2 November 2010
This appointment is for a three-year duration with a six-month probationary period. The OPCW is a non-career organisation with limited staff tenure. The total length of service for Professional staff shall not exceed 7 years. The Director-General retains the discretion not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade, or to make an appointment with a modified job description. Several vacancies may be filled.
 Principal Functions  Requirements
Under the supervision of the Head Government Relations and Political Affairs Branch the incumbent performs the following duties:

· Drafts speeches/statements for Director-General and other senior OPCW officials, and prepares other material to support them in their activities, including: locating and updating information on the status of OPCW activities for speeches identifying and including current issues relevant to expected audience for speeches; developing and selecting concepts and presentations and weighing their relative impact both within and outside the OPCW, and incorporating them into speeches, drafting correspondence for signature of Director-General or Deputy Director-General or other External Relations Division officers, and drafting press releases as required;

· Researches, analyses, elaborates and provides background information on Member and non-Member States of the OPCW, from within organisational unit and from other OPCW organisational units as well as from external sources, including: briefing the Director ERD and/or Director-General on the status of implementation of the Convention, and political, economic and chemical developments; advising on relevant developments, adherence to the Convention by non-Member States, and identifying and advising on developments preventing early adherence; and conceiving and formulating original ideas relating to disarmament, and applying them to the context, purpose and object of the Convention and disseminating them through presentations to various audiences;

· Organises seminars, workshops, training programmes and briefings for representatives of States for the purpose of promoting the adoption of the Convention by all States and explaining Convention requirements, including: developing agendas/ programmes and terms of OPCW financial assistance and obtaining agreement with host country/organisation; answering requests for clarification on financial and organisational questions regarding travel and accommodation etc; preparing and/or giving presentations and providing interpretation; arranging for and making payments to participants; and analysing and/or drafting documents produced, including press releases and reports of workshop outcomes, and development of national implementing legislation;

· Attend and follow meetings of the annual Conference of States Parties, chemical industry and the regular meetings of the Executive Council, including following and assisting States Parties in negotiations related to the universality of the Convention; and preparing reports;

· Keeps contacts with non member states to monitor developments in their process towards joining the Convention and to promote early adherence, and assist them in the ratification/accession process, and assist them in the ratification/accession process;

· Represents the division/branch as assigned, at international meetings, seminars, events and participating in technical assistance visits, including: delivering presentations and preparing reports for the attention of senior OPCW officials.

· Responds to requests from within and outside the OPCW for advice and information, including: requests from diplomatic missions and national authorities relating to adherence to and implementation of the Convention, and other information about the Convention; and requests from other OPCW organisational units for information, explanations, presentations etc;

· Performs other duties as required.

 Knowledge and Skills

· Advanced university degree in International Relations or Political Sciences or equivalent, a first level university degree in combination with qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree;

· Legal background would be an asset;

· Proven analytical skills with regard to analysing developments and trends and the ability to conceive and apply original ideas;

· Excellent communication skills and ability to draft and edit presentational documents, including speeches;

· Proven planning and organising skills not only of own work but also with regard to organising seminars, workshops, etc.;

· Good computer skills (MS Office applications; especially MS PowerPoint);

· Flexibility, tact and discretion;

· Ability to work harmoniously with people in an international environment as well as maintain confidentiality;

· Ability to work with varied programmes is desirable;

. Knowledge of the Chemical Weapons Convention is desirable.


. Minimum five years related experience in multilateral diplomacy or an international organisation with an advanced degree or seven years related experience with a first level degree;

. Experience in drafting briefings and speeches/statements is essential;

. Experience in delivering presentations and organising seminars/workshops is highly desirable;

. Experience in research-related work is desirable.


Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one or two of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.
Total annual salary consists of a net annual salary (net of taxes and before medical insurance and provident fund deductions) in US$ and a post adjustment. The post adjustment (cost of living allowance) is variable and subject to change without notice in accordance with the rates as set within the UN Common System for salaries and allowances. The figure quoted on the right, is based on the October 2010 rate of 55.4%.  
Annual Salary $59,200
Post Adjustment $32,797
Total Salary $91,997
Currency USD USD